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Creating a pop-up in dreamweaver
  1. first , open a new blank web page and create the pop-up you need as a normal HTML page .
  2. choose view > Rulers > Show (Ctrl+Alt+R) to display the rulers along the side of the document and write down on a paper the length and width of the pop-up.
  3. open the web page that you want to put the pop-up with.
  4. click on the <body> tag in the Tag inspector at the bottom of the Dreamweaver interface.
  5. while the body tag selected choose Window > Behaviors (Shift+F3) to expand the Behavior panel at the right. Click the Plus Sign (+) and choose Open Browser Window from the expanded menu. The Open Browser Window dialog box appears.
  6. In the Open Browser Window dialog, enter the name of the pop-up. Set the other specifications of your pop-up window, and enter a Window Name. then click OK.
  7. Save your work.
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