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How to add links to an image map ?
  1. create a new blank page in dreamweaver file > new (Ctrl+N). then choose Basic Page and HTML .
  2. add an Image by choosing Insert > Image (Ctrl+Shift+I) then choose the location of the image you want to add.
  3. select the image then click on the properties section at the bottom in order to expand it if it is not already expanded. then click on the little arrow at the right buttom of the properties to expand the advanced properties - if it is not already expanded .
  4. you will notice at the buttom left three shapes : a Rectangular Hotspot Tool , an Oval Hotspot Tool and a Polygon Hotspot Tool .
  5. choose one of the shapes and make a selection using the tool. this selection will be area which will be your link area . once you make the selection the image properties area will change to the Hotspot properties . write your URL in the link area.
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