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part 2: How to change the color of the eyes in a photo ?

Changing the color of the eyes is one of the most used technique that photographers use and it can be achieved in many ways - using photoshop - and in this tutorial we will mention two way to do so ... so without much delay we start.

Part 2 :using layer modes

  • open the photo you want to change in photoshop and zoom in to the eye .. here i am going to use the poster from the movie "face-off" if you want to save the image right-click on it and choose "save image as".We are going to work on john travolta's eye so we will zoom in to the eye ... to do that choose the "zoom tool"` and make a Rectangular around his eye.. this will zoom in and center the eye.
  • Create a new layer by clicking on the paper icon , then change the layer mode to "color"

  • select the paint tool and start painting over the eye - while the layer "layer 1" is selected - you can paint using any color you want - I used red because it stand up in this color-

  • Now we are going to change the color to the color we want .... to do so choose " Image > Adjustment > Hue/Staruation" and put the values as the image below.

  • That is it .... click OK we are done. and this is the final result.

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