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All about brushes

The brush tool is one of the most important tool in photoshop. It is the main tool that digital painters use and a very important tool for adding great effects to photos. In this tutorial you will learn everything you need to know to work with brushes. You should know that the brush tool had changed a lot in the latest version of Photoshop - espicially versions 7,CS and CS2 - and this tutorial focus on the CS version.

  • Most people dont know that Photoshop comes with a great collection of brushes . and to see those brushes do like you see in the image below.
  • Now, we will see How to control the brush Opacity and the most common shortcuts for digital painters. First, the opacity:

now, to the shortcuts - not all of them but the most important ones-:

  • Now to the hard part, brush properties:
    • there are two ways to view the brushes properties : the first is by clicking the "brushes palette" and the top-right of photoshop interface or by clicking the platte itself from the top-right of the screen.
    • the brush platte look like the picture below :
    • Now to the properties itself :
      1. Brush Presets : Change the brush that you will use
      2. Brush Tip Shape : very usefull when customizing the shape of the brush
      3. Shape Dynamics : for change the size of the brush while you are moving .. It is a great tool for achiving the effect you want .
      4. Scattering : great for creating random seperated dottes ... for example : some ones unshaved pear . It is a great tool .
      5. Texture: to add textures to your paint .... very usefull
      6. Dual Brushes : not a very common tool
      7. Color Dynamics : makes a variety of colors between two colors you choose... nice tool
      8. Other Dynamics : very important tool as it add effects like fading and pen pressure - for those who have a tablet-.
      9. Noise,Wet Edges,Airbrush,Smoothing and Protect texture : some extra options to customize the brush.
  • Here is a sample of what you can do using only the brush tool and the options that i mentioned in this tutorial . this is a paint i did a while back of meg ryan from the poster of "city of angles" .

meg ryan

  • That is a nother sample of what you can do with brushes.

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