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Using Levels to retouch Photos

Levels are a great way to get rid of the color that are domenated by one color -color cast - and also for change the lightning and darkness .In this tutorial we will learn how to remove the color cast in the image below. to save the image right-click on it then choose "save image as"

  • First, after you save the image to your hard disk we need to open the image file in photoshop
  • Next, open the levels dialog ( image > adjustment > Levels ) or use the shortcut -ctrl+L- and the Levels window will appear as below

  • You will notice that at the right of the window there are three eyedropper tool , these tools are very important because they tells photoshop what color is supposed to be white and what color is supposed to be black . and each time you click on one of the eyedropper and select a color you will see the image change . Start by clicking on the "set white point" and select the boys cheek in the photo

  • select the "Set white point" tool first and click on the "white point" that you see in the image below. then select the "Set grey point" tool and click on the "grey point" in the image.Do the same with the "Set black point". Do this without changing any other values in the level window.

  • Click OK. you will found the image had transformed into a more realistic look.

  • This is a nother image that I used the same effect on . Enjoy

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