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Making selections like Pros -using channels-

Now we are going to speak about selection and how to make complicated selections the ways profissionals do it.

  • open the image that you want to work on in Photoshop. In this tutorial I am going to work on this image and trying to select the big flower perfectly.

  • switch to the channels platte (Window> Channels) . You will see four layers - RGB,Red,Green,Blue - notice how all the layers are selected at the same time . Click on them one by one until you found the one that has more contrast between the flower and the background .as you see in the image below the "Red" layer is the one that we need.

  • Duplicate the "Red" layer so that we dont affect the original photo (Layer>Duplicate Layer). Click/select the "Red" layer . open the Levels panel (Image>Adjustment>Levels) and do like the photo and click OK.

  • Now grab the "brush tool" and start painting the area around flower without getting near the flower.

  • Choose (Image>Adjustments>Levels) one more time and add the values as the image.

  • After we are done with the Layer. It will be like this -black and white no grey-.

  • Hold down ctrl and left-click on the "Red copy" layer to select it. Switch back to the layers platte without removing the selection. Choose Edit>Cut to cut the Selection. then Edit>Paste to paste it on a new layer.
  • Now you have a layer that we can composite on a nother image like this one.


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