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painting "yaseen" part 1: Sketching

In this two series tutorial we will talk about one of the digital painting methods using photoshop . We will take you step by step in the making of a recent painting called "Yaseen" and within the process of making the painting we will talk about some of the tricks and hints that i personally use and that make a great difference. So, lets start painting .

  • First , we must have a reference photo of the person or object that we are going to paint - our human brain is not good enough so that you can paint from your mind-. In our case , I have searched the web and landed on this good photo of " Ahmed Yaseen" which I thought was perfect for our painting .

  • Now that we have our reference photo ready we will prepare our painting document . start by creating a new photoshop document and make its width 1600 px and height 2000 px with white background . I prefere always to make a big document for painting and after i finish painting i then change it to a smaller size .That way the small brush strokes that I do while painting disappear .

  • After we made our blank photoshop document we start preparing for Sketching .There are two famous ways to sketch :
  • the first way :
  • creat a new layer ( Layer > New > Layer ) -ctrl+shift+N- and name it "Sketch" . Open the reference image in Photoshop ( file > Open ) - ctrl+O - . select the " move tool" and click inside the image and drag it into the empty document . this will creat a new layer that contain the photo . Rename the layer "original" .Now in the Layers Panel drag the "original" layer between the " background " layer and " Sketch" layer . now change the opacity of the reference layer to 54% so that you can make the photo more brighter - you will see why in a minute -.Creat a new layer and name it "paint". Now we are ready to start sketching .

    Now to the process of sketching itself . As you noticed of course we have lowered the opacity of the "original" Layer so that when we start sketching we can use dark colors and we will be able to see them even if the original image has some dark areas - like the microphone in our photo -

    Now to sketch , first select the "Sketch" Layer ,choose the " Pencil tool " and start painting the lines that define the shape of the face ... so we do line along the outside of his face add a nother one around his eye and some lines around the nose.... etc . It is also a good idea to put lines around the place where the color change - for example the area in the middle of his nose and his forehead that has a bright color. Keep trying until you have some thing like the image below.

  • The second way - using guides- :
  • Creat a new layer ( Layer>new>Layer) and name it "sketch". Now open the reference photo (File>Open) and try to put the two document side by side vertically so that you can see them both at the same time. this is very important in this method of sketching . Now go to ( View>Show>Grid). Now you are ready to start sketching.

    Select the pencil tool and start sketching each box at the time trying to get the preportion right and finally you will have some thing like that :

    Now we have finished Sketching .......

    In the next part we will talk about painting and skin tones.


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